About us

Since 1988 in the graphic arts sector.

Our first computer, in 1989 and with CorelDraw !!! (I no longer remember the version, it can be 1 ...) We like this software a lot, we keep working and moving forward with it. We have used other software but we always return to Corel. Imagine with as many years as we handled the program ...

At this time we did not make shirts, but many printing and design jobs. Huge machines, inks, clichés, paper ...


From 1996 to 2005, printing on textiles in an important shopping center in Valencia. Attention to the total public, we have grown and learned a lot.

Since 1996 working with "vinyl", we are specialists in this material and very demanding in quality.

We work with the finest vinyl that exists, its finesse makes it much more difficult and more expensive work but the finish is infinitely better than any other, it's worth it.

Yes, we are defenders of the vinyl because of its resistance, its color and its perfect finish. It is clear that to make a large and solid design, we do not like it. That's what the direct impression we believe the future is for, although ... it's not perfect, it also has its problems. If we like something, it is to be able to advise the client the best option, always as if the work were to be used by us.

We are constantly looking for improvements, novelties, new media and printing techniques.

Since 2006 as Márcate.net, yes, our website in 2016 turns 10 years old ...

Márcate.net has undergone many changes and improvements in these 10 years. We do it every day because we believe that nobody will sell our products better than ourselves.

From 2009 to 2012 in Pintor Sorolla street in Valencia, inside a shopping center. Here we got a little tired ... and we left. It must be said that we also had a good time and we interacted a lot. The best, the companions.
Since 2009 on Reus street in Valencia. Shop, exhibition, attention to the public, good music ... :) When we get bored we change everything from position, we love to change and improve. We also sell you a bag that we print 5000 pens. And since we like music and motorcycles a lot, we have a space dedicated to it. T-shirts made, patches, exclusive designs, a little bit of everything.