Fine polyurethane layer that is fixed to the fabric with heat. (Márcate uses the finest vinyl on the market)

Bright textures, glitter, velvet, reflective, leopard, camouflage, gold, silver

Ideal for letters, numbers, simple designs



Digital printing on the fabric using a printer.

Ideal for impressions that occupy much tissue surface, images with gradients.



Through heat, the ink is transferred to the tissue

It can only be used on polyester garments or with a high proportion of polyester and white.

Ideal for sportswear and objects prepared for this technique.



Printing of paper with silkscreen inks. It is transferred to the garment with heat

Ideal for large quantities, designs in various colors. They can be stored and transferred to the garment on demand



Manual printing by screen printing screens (one per color).

Ideal for large quantities with designs a few colors



Printing with thread on the fabric. You need a design process in the expensive computer, so the fees depend on the design you want to embroider. Ask us

Ideal for polar, towels, shirts ...

Each design may need a different technique, if you have questions, send us the design and we will advise you