The designs that you bring to us must not infringe against the rights of third parties (especially copyright, personality and trademarks) or legal provisions.

To be able to use a design (photography, logo, text, etc.) you have to own all design rights, if they exist.

Find out about the legal status of a design before using it or ask the author for the limited exploitation right.

In the following web pages you can find information about the registered trademarks, as well as about the scope of the protection of the brand:

Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market of the European Union
World Intellectual Property Organization
The use of radical, defamatory or unconstitutional content in the designs is not allowed.

Both clients must bear in mind that the illegal employment of legally protected material can result in the payment of high fines. The same is true for graphics and texts with defamatory or unconstitutional character.


Negative examples of designs:

Brand protection infractions

The logos that are protected by being registered property. They can not be printed without the authorization of the trademark owner.


Unconstitutional designs, some of which violate fundamental rights. Something like that will never be printed.

Infringements of the personality right

The use of images of famous people for profit or advertising is prohibited, at least when you do not have explicit authorization. To save problems we simply do not print them.