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  • T-Shirts

    Basic children's shirts of great quality. Personalize and print online, send us an email, a whatsapp, come and see us at our store in Valencia

    100% cotton and with a variety of colors

    You can buy it without printing for costumes, uniforms, wear them under your clothes ...

    T-shirts are for boys, but girls can also wear them, they are a little broader than girls'

  • Jackets

    Jacket, child's parka to personalize.

    Are you looking for the parkas they carry in the rocks, faults, groupings? Well, yes, these are

    You can customize it with the shield of your group, your failure, your town and also put your name where you want.

    You can also buy it smooth, without printing or printing. They are usually very comfortable and practical and you can use it daily.

  • Delantal
  • Fleece

    Child fleece, you can buy it plain without printing or customize it as you want.

    It is a very versatile garment that is used for groups, rocks, faults. You can put the shield, the name, the name of the school

    You can take it at home or anywhere with a shirt underneath, they are so comfortable and light that it is invitable to have one at home

  • Caps

    Basic child caps, to personalize or not.

    Beware of the sun! We have to protect children when we walk down the street and what better way than with a basic cap.

    You can put the name or a drawing that your child loves, it is also an original gift

  • Polo shirts

    Child polo shirts of all sizes and colors. Important brands You can buy it without printing. Basic smooth or customize it and print it how you want.

    They are ideal to go to school or when you want your children to be a little more groomed. Crowd of functions and super comfortable

  • Softshell

    Softshell child, super comfortable and soft. It protects you from the cold, wind and rain, you can record it or not.

    Personalization ideas, front shield on the other side of the pocket, name on the back ...

    A relatively innovative garment, which is getting more and more into the closets.

  • Sweatshirts

    Customizing sweatshirts for kids was never so easy. You can choose from a multitude of options and colors. Brands recognized as Fruit of the loom

    You can buy it smooth, without printing from here, customize it in our online personalizer or come to our store in Valencia. We have extensive experience in textiles and printing, our staff will attend and inform you perfectly